Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Todd Bentley's Interview with Geraldo Rivera

This past weekend, Todd Bentley was interviewed by Geraldo Rivera on Geraldo At Large live for about 5 minutes. I missed the live show, but DVR'ed the program so I could watch it when I got home from dinner with my extended family.

For the most part Geraldo was respectful, although his emphasis on money (he asked Todd about this twice in 5 minutes) was a bit much for me, but then again I am biased. :-) Although I personally wouldn't get a tattoo, piercings and tattoos don't scream "flamboyant" to me. Todd handled the interview well and I applaud him for inviting the media to scrutinize the stories of documented healings that they have collected AND to inspect his financial statements, such as his IRS filings (he is Canadian, so I'm not even sure if that applies).

Here is the video as posted on, you guessed it, YouTube:


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Anonymous said...

I watched Todd Bentley'interview with Geraldo.He handled the interview very well.He proved that God is just using him as a tool.We cannot judge a book by its cover.God is using him in a wonderful ways.

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