Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fathers and Daughters: Father-Daughter Purity Ball

I think the fact that Time wrote about this, and handled it in a fair manner, which is more than I expected is great. Yeah, some people think its cheesy, but so what? I get the message, and I think its great to see fathers taking an active role in their daughters emotional, mental and most importantly spiritual development. Side note: I do think 4 years old is a bit young to fully understand the meaning behind it, but I guess its sweet gesture -- well, sort of. I also did a search on google and the Purity Ball has been covered by the New York Times and also has its own website

While reading this, a few things came to mind:
1. Why don't I see/hear more about these things happening with black teen girls or other minority populations in this country for that matter?

2. The bonding that occurs between the fathers and daughters here speaks VOLUMES!! Its sad that in our culture today, seeing a father and daughter bond brings to minds words like "creepy" and "perverted" instead of "protection" and "affirmation". I've said several times to people in my "real life" that the absence of the father in a home is one of the most diabolical attacks of the enemy that has had far-reaching consequences -- more than anyone realizes. (this reminds me that I must write an article exploring this a little more)

3. I don't mind the focus on girls, BUT there is a double standard in society for the expression and "exploration" of one's sexuality. Can someone please start a purity ball for boys? Yeah, I know, it sounds cheesy -- but I think if one were to gather a group of teenagers, male and female, what's really at the heart of preserving sexual purity and the far-reaching consequences of throwing it away, the message would get across -- it would be a start in undoing the messed-up, self-centered, sex-crazed messages that kids get ingrained in their souls from the time they are small children. More than anything else though, the desire to remain pure before God shouldn't be an "outward" act to say I'm a Christian, but rather should come as a result of heart that is sold-out and a desire to please God.
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Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I found this one someone else's blog and thought it would be cool to do one of my own. Visit Wordle to generate one for yourself.
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Monday, July 7, 2008

Testimony of a 14 year-old Healed @ The Lakeland Revival

I read about this teenager's testimony a few weeks ago online post and was amazed. Then I stumbled upon a blog today called " which had mp3s of interviews with various worship leaders, but the one that caught my attention was called testimony of 14 year old who got healed. I listend to it. . . and when the girl giving the testimony identified herself, I realized this is the same girl I read about a few weeks ago!

Listen to her give her testimony, (right click and save-as if you want to save it to your hard drive), watch here as her healing takes place (at about 03:00:37 when Todd prays for her, and @ 3:38 where she gets up and reports her healing), and here is a video of her testifying at her church, IHOP in Kansas city.

The message bears repeating: God still heals today!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Earth is Crying Out -- Literally!

I traveled to Dallas for the one night only impartation meeting with Todd Bentley with my parents and a friend of mine. One the way back home, I heard my dad (who I realize I get my quest for seeking truth, and bent towards "trivial knowledge" of things) say that scientists have found that the Earth is crying out. I was amazed, but didn't remember to look for this article once I got home.

I was searching through my list of Blogs and news items I subscribe to via google reader, when a headline from Breaking Christian news caught my attention: "The Earth is Crying Out—and Scientists have Recorded it". I instantly remembered what my dad said. Scientists have recorded "Earth sounds" which you can listen to. The sounds are blocked by the ionosphere, which they say is a good thing because "the out-of-this-world radio waves are 10,000 times stronger than even the strongest military signal, the researchers said, and they would overwhelm all radio stations on the planet".

I searched google for more information and found this news article on yahoo news: Earth's Cries Recorded in Space.

I also found this prophetic word released by Chuck Pierce. I took special notice of these statements: "There are sounds in the earth that you are not getting low enough to hear, and there's a groaning. All creation is groaning. Humble yourself and get low enough to hear the sound." and this "My earth has a heart that beats and you've not understood the power of creation. You have lost the beating heart of creation. Therefore, I cannot be creative in your midst. I've put My voice in every living thing, but it is your voice that rules".

Back in May, a friend of mine forwarded to me a word Judy Bauman received from the Lord concerning things happening in the earth called "The Earth Groans". All of these things serve to confirm the written word of God concerning His creation, which once again for me is proving not to be symbolic as traditionally taught in modern Christianity, but instead is literal: For we know that the whole creation groans and labors with birth pangs together until now. (Romans 8:22).

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