Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Few Updates

Just some news to share....

Prominent Christian Ministers Under Fire

I first learned about this on 11/6/07 ago. I then found out yesterday Joyce Meyer was on CNN, defending her ministry I presume. I asked a friend of mine about another prominent, well-known minister, located here in Houston, where she used to attend church. She informed me that this pastor and his church pay taxes to the US government! No wonder their name is not about to be dragged through the mud.

Now, I don't adhere to the belief that a pastor or minister should be dirt poor, but as I said to someone the other day, maybe they need to read "The Millionaire Next Door" and learn not to attract attention by bragging on TV about how he/she has been blessed with a Bentley, Rolls-Royce and a 30,000 sq. foot house!

The New World Order?

I got this clip from a email my DH received.

Watching gave me much to think about. I'm sure some dismiss it as another conspiracy theory, but I think they would remiss to do so. Small wonder why the US dollar has declined so much in value over the past week or so.... How long before the \"Amero" is introduced?

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